Aeris Energy

Aeris Energy develops commercial-scale energy projects that produce Renewable Energy from Waste (REW) using sustainable fuels such as forest harvest residuals, post-recycled municipal waste, urban wood waste, source-separated organics, food processing waste, etc. These modern facilities generate recycled materials and produce heat, power, chilled water and vehicle fuels, all while meeting strict environmental standards, creating jobs, promoting economic development, diverting materials from landfills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Aeris Energy is based in Seattle, Washington with developing interests across North America.

The fundamental principles of our projects are noted below and described in more depth throughout this site.

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Renewable Energy from Waste is......

  • Increased Recycling to Improve Community Sustainability
  • Distributed Production of Baseload Renewable Energy
  • A commitment to Environmental Stewardship
  • Flexibility to Produce Steam, Power, Chilled Water, Fuels, etc.
  • Installation of Proven Industrial Technologies
  • Financial Returns Meeting Investment Targets

Market Opportunity

The global rise in population and higher standards of living are causing an increased demand for energy and greater competition for fossil fuels. This demand for energy will be ideally met by a diverse set of sources, including distributed generation from Renewable Energy from Waste (REW) facilities. Based on estimates, REW plants can be commercially viable in over 400 communities across North America and will ensure higher levels of recycling while producing significant quantities of renewable power, efficient thermal energy and clean vehicle fuels.

Community Participation

Successful energy development requires close collaboration with all stakeholders including the suppliers of sustainable biomass and post-recycled waste, buyers of energy “offtake,” technology providers, local and regional governments, community leaders and financial partners. Aeris Energy welcomes a broad range of participation as the Company develops a growing portfolio of clean energy projects. 

We look forward to a productive collaboration and encourage you to contact any Aeris Energy team member.